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Gameroflife (Guest)  
2 years ago  
Zanz, I REALLY like the new game page (Spinning smiley face) but why did you retire on Cookie at twelve? It's one of my favorite games on this site. Is it 'cause it's too old or something? P.S. (Lemon)(Spinning smiley face) You're awesome (Spinning smiley face) (Lemon)
Hey! (Spinning smiley face) (Lemon) Glad you like the new page! Yeah I think Cookie At 12 is just too old now - mostly because it was made for the old "The Alex And Lexis Show" thing I was doing. I don't plan to remove it from the site or anything, but officially retiring it feels like the right thing to do c: P.S. You're awesome too!!!! (Lemon) (Spinning smiley face) (Potato) :D
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