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"Vintage Powered Album is Released!"
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My newest album, Vintage Powered, has released!

You can get it now everywhere!


Completely free to listen
Only $7.00 :)
Completely free to listen
Google Play Store
Completely free to listen
Completely free to listen

Hope you enjoy!!
- Zanz

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martin gamer (Guest)  
8 months ago  
linda musica
Omg thank you!
Mechanical Sea! :D
FG (Guest)  
8 months ago  
It really took a long time to finish this album, eh? I thought you would never finish it lol.
Hey FG! I thought the same, haha!! Each track took around 10 hours to make. About 40 tracks were started, but only 16 made it in the album. I finished the last track the day before release, to be honest. But hey, it's finished (lemon) <3 ;D (Potato) :D
The Mechanical Sea tho <3
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