"Mine Blocks is an HTML Game Now!"

What's up!

The newest Mine Blocks update is here! 1.30.3b is out now, which means Mine Blocks is playable in your browser again!

The game was completely recreated in this update, so you can play it without needing Flash Player any more. There are also a ton of bug fixes and tweaks.

Check out the announcement video and the full changelog below for the deetz!

Watch on YouTube for comments and stuff!

Play the latest version!

Or download the EXE here!

The Full Mine Blocks 1.30.3b Changelog:

• Note blocks can now play the bass instrument
• Right-click is now supported in Firefox
• Lava bubble particles now properly appear
• Snow balls melt when thrown through lava
• Tool tips shrink to the size of their text
• Carrot on a stick now turns into a fishing rod when used
• (Desktop) Fullscreen mode no longer has window border when maximizing
• (Desktop) Discord rich presence
Bug fixes
• Particles, entities, animations, and console logs now pause with the rest of the game
• Endermen now teleport out of water
• Lever can make off sound
• Closed fence gates are no longer escapable
• Nethereye spawn egg is no longer a blank egg
• Clay, coal ore, and diamond ore can now be used with canDestroy and canPlaceOn
• Command history now goes back 100 commands instead of only 10
• Health bar shows correct hearts when leaving hardcore worlds
• Blazes now drop glowstone dust instead of bedrock
• Spider properly behave hostile at night and underground
• Squid knockback behavior is less wacky
• Saving worlds with special characters in name no longer crashes the game
• Holding both mouse buttons down no longer causes items to be used rapidly
• Shift-clicked items now combine before filling empty slots in chests, dispensers, and droppers
• Flaming chickens set flammable blocks on fire again
• Explosion particles are no longer somewhere off-screen
• Nethereyes now "face" the right direction
• Splash potions no longer rapidly play the splash sound in water
• Splash potions now respect gravity when falling through water
• Depth Strider II no longer displays as Depth Strider III
• Cowctus sand dust particles no longer move based on player speed
• Minecart chest interface closes if cart is too far away
• Rafts no longer drop items when broken in creative
• All output slots of brewing stand can now be set by one item data in commands
• Spectator movement is no longer possible when in an interface
• Ender dragon fireballs properly explode when hitting mobs while player is in spectator mode
• Skin database no longer gets stuck when website is down
• Frame rate is now doubled to 50 FPS!
• Fence gates now connect to each other
• Torches break instantly when support is broken
• Shear renamed to shears
• Ender chest interface now has the title "Ender Chest"
• Home and tp commands now reset player velocity
• Blaze powder can now be shift-clicked into a potion ingredient if the fuel is full
• Version dialog can no longer be opened when not in main menu
• Hostile mobs with weakness potion now deal a minimum damage of 1 health
Visual Changes
• Splash screen updated
• The game's resolution is now static (so it's more pixelated, but with no more lines between blocks)
• Stairs and slabs textures are no longer rotated with the block direction
• Achievements menu scroll pane restyled
• Native fonts and "Vogel" removed in favor of the pixel style fonts
• Close and settings icons remade to match volume icon resolution
• Mob spawner texture is no longer double the resolution
• Rotating stars in the sky now rotate more centered than before
• Flickering when cycling pages in skin database is reduced
• Block selector graphic now matches block resolution
• Flash is "removed", I guess?
• Help menu replaced with wiki link
• "Allow Saving" menu no longer necessary
• Game loading screen removed
• Text is no longer selectable in FAQ and Achievements panes
• Navigating menus with the keyboard is not yet supported
• Undo, redo, and drag-and-drop in text fields is not yet supported
Known Issues
• Rarely, some computers may have unusual visual bugs. Try the EXE version, or a different browser.
• Text may be less readable on some computers. Try the EXE version.
• Browsers may delete saves if you stop playing for a long time. Backup your save files often!
• Safari browser may harshly limit save file size when playing on some websites. Please use a different browser.
• If your game is very laggy, you may have GPU acceleration turned off. Enable it, or try the EXE version.

Play the latest version!


Changes between and 1.30.3b:
(Mine Blocks had weekly updates for the last year, so this is just the last week of changes for those interested)

• Splash potions now respect gravity when falling in water
• Player bounces on slime blocks at a more expected height
• Drops and minecarts now launch from slime blocks at proper speed
• Vignette now displays over entities instead of behind
• Mobs are no longer the wrong scale after growing up
• Spawnskin load error message now specifies the skin ID
• Default spawnskin now loads properly
• Closed fence gates are no longer escapable
• Fire on creeper repositioned properly
• Colors of two smoke types swapped
• Button hover sound now matches original
• Lag caused by running mobs offscreen fixed
• Clay, coal ore, and diamond ore migrated to blocks
• Sitting or standing a dog resets its hostility
• Far away audio no longer uses up audio slots
• Colored lights now properly reset when traveling dimensions
• Jumping menu text can now fit longest message without clipping

What is the next version?
The next full update is going to be 1.31, and will gain some features that are only possible now that Mine Blocks has been rewritten, so that's going to be fun! The update will be some time later in 2022.
But, after having released weekly Mine Blocks updates for over a year straight, I need to take some time to relax first xD


Mine Blocks 2.0.8
Now that Mine Blocks is ported, I'm going to spend a few months recreating Mine Blocks 2 as well. It'll be easier to port since the game is a bit better coded and much less developed than Mine Blocks 1... but since it's been so many years since I've even looked at the code, it's definitely going to take some time to get things started.
If you want to follow along with the development of Mine Blocks 2, I'll be posting updates in the #mine-blocks-dev channel on the Mine Blocks Discord! :D


Whew! That's about it for now! Thanks for reading, and see you around for my end of the year post! :D
- Zanz

Posted 5 days ago.
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