"Mine Blocks 1.27 Update Changelog!"

Happy Friday the 13th!
After 16 long months, Mine Blocks 1.27 has been released! See below for the official update video and the full changelog!

Mine Blocks 1.27 Update Video

Play the latest version!

WARNING: Backup your worlds first! In rare conditions, your worlds can be destroyed when you load the game!


Save to file!
In this update, you can save your worlds to a file!! You can send your worlds to your friends, or post them online! :D
The game was ported from AS2 to AS3 in this update, which makes the game a lot faster, easier to program, and have the ability to do cool things like saving to file!

Anvils were added! You can now rename items, repair tools, and combine enchantments to make the mightiest sword ever!
Nametags can be used to name mobs, which stops them from despawning.
Also, enchanted books were added! You can find them by fishing.


You can now use the fishing rod for Fishing! Rafts were fixed! You can fish from a raft now, like a true fisherman.
There's fish, salmon, clownfish, pufferfish, and items to find.
There are two more enchantments for fishing: lure and luck of the sea.


Rabbits are the new mob in this update! There are 8 types, however two of them can only be seen by naming them "Moose" or "Toast" with a name tag.
Their drops include rabbit hide, raw rabbit, rabbit's foot, and carrots. You can make rabbit stew!


New "spawnSkin" command!
One of the coolest additions is the ability to spawn any public skin as a simple mob with the spawnSkin command!
The heal and tp commands were also added.
Speaking of skins, you can now search skins from the game!


Like, a bunch of other stuff!
There are new crops, like beets, pumpkins, watermelons, and nether warts, and with them comes various items like beet stew, pumpkin pie, melon slices, new seed types, and more!
On the topic of food, there's mutton from sheep, cooked eggs, and delicious poisonous spider eyes!
There are new blocks, such as the dragon scale block, topaz block, coarse dirt, hay bales and soul sand. There is now carpet too, including the rainbow wool variant!
Glass bottles can be used to make lemonade, apple juice, and orange juice! You can also enchant a glass bottle to store experience points.
Let's not forget fences, fence gates, and iron bars! They can great a cool aesthetic for your builds, and they're practical for keeping mobs from wandering.


See the changelog below for ALL of the additions, tweaks, and bugfixes!

Play the latest version!

Here's the Mine Blocks 1.27 changelog!

New features:
- Save and load worlds from file!
- Search skins by name and author!
- Party hat! (Crafted with paper and 3 differently colored dyes) (Suggestion by MinecraftMan)
- Rabbits!
    - Rabbit hide
    - Raw rabbit
    - Cooked rabbit
    - Rabbit's foot
    - Rabbit stew
- Fishing!
    - Raw fish
    - Cooked fish
    - Raw salmon
    - Cooked salmon
    - Clownfish
    - Pufferfish (You really shouldn't eat it!)
    - "Lure" and "Luck of the Sea" enchantments
- Anvil!
    - Repairing tools through crafting was also added
- "spawnskin" command - can spawn a passive mob using any skin!
- "heal" command
- "tp" command
- Ender chest!
- Name tag!
- Fence!
    - Fence gate
    - Nether brick fence
    - Nether brick fence gate
- Iron bars!
- Topaz block! (Crafted with 9 topaz)
- Glass bottle (You can fill it by using it on a water source block)
    - Lemonade! (Made with Bottle of Water + Lemon + Sugar)
    - Orange Juice! (Water + Orange + Sugar)
    - Apple Juice! (Water + Apple + Sugar)
- Dragon scale block!
- Enchanted book!
- Melon
    - Melon seeds
    - Melon slices
    - Glistering melon
- Beetroot
    - Beetroot seeds (can be dropped by grass)
    - Beetroot soup
- Mutton
    - Cooked mutton
- Pumpkin seeds
- Pumpkin pie
- Shear a pumpkin to carve it into different faces!
- Enchant an empty bottle to make "Experience in a Bottle"
- Carpet (One for each wool type)
    - Rainbow carpet!
- Soul sand (Craftable by combining 1 netherrack and 1 sand)
- Nether wart (Nethereyes have a chance to drop them in the nether)
- Cooked egg (Suggested by Elvinotron)
- Spider eye
    - Fermented spider eye
- Read signs by hovering mouse over them
- Coarse dirt (Crafted with 2 dirt and 2 gravel)
- Hay (Crafted with 9 wheat)
- Can place wood and hay on its side (must be at least two blocks away)
- Cacti can't hurt you if you're sneaking
- "Fish for fish" and "Use an anvil" achievements
- Drinking milk cancels poison and regeneration effects
- Throw and bow sound effects
- "doFireTick" game rule
- Screenshot key binding can be set
    - Added a save interface for screenshots. Can now save them without Internet!
- Particle amount quality setting
- Shift-clicking armor on the hotbar equips it
- Option to hide armor (Suggested by indianajames99)
- Added "L" number modifier to the xp command amount
- A water source will form between two other water sources (infinite water!)
- When mining blocks, you wont accidentally hit mobs, and vice versa.
- The game pauses when you click away (there's a setting to turn this off)
Bug fixes:
- You will no longer get stuck in the nether or ender!
- There are no more weird artefacts with lights!
- Steak and raw chicken are edible again
- Rafts and moss are placeable again
- Rafts can float on water
- Fixed shears
- Fixed most movement bugs!
    - Fixed taking damage and bouncing near the sides of blocks
    - Clipping through the bottom of blocks when using ladders or flying has been fixed
    - Walking and sprinting up stairs and slabs works much better
    - Sneaking is reliable and has been updated to match how it works in Minecraft
- Using a block (such as a door) no longer uses the selected inventory item (like flint and steel)
- Grounded the floating dead bush
- Golden apple seeds no longer plant invisibly on dirt
- Fixed acid being completely wacko
- Non-hostile spiders no longer do damage
- Can "drop" items through leaves and similar blocks
- Dragon items no longer get burned in lava
- Fixed blaze powder + enderpearl making 2 eyes of ender
- Fixed loud and strange rain sound effect
- Blazes now drop charcoal instead of bedrock
- Blaze fireballs no longer hurt the blaze that shot it
- The ender task/medal works again
- Skin and armor changes show instantly
- Hitting mobs is more reliable
- Odd rock ore mines properly
- Coral can now be given through commands
- The armor bar shows and hides properly in different game modes
- Enchantments of items in chests no longer wander
- Fixed some skeletons' arrows not alerting the shot mob to attack
- Activator rails no longer constantly stop the current to nearby rails
- Oddrock and stone brick mine with grey particles instead of white
- Liquids finally will properly fill empty spaces below them
- Snowballs collide properly with blocks again
- Fixed enderman collision issue
- Chicken walk cycle works again
- Fixed incorrect values for home command
- Seaweed grows only in source water blocks
- Fixed mobs not being put out of fire when swimming in water, while quality is set to low
- You will spawn properly back home when first leaving the nether
- Acid destroys all leaf types (Found by Aftermoth)
- Fixed doors being pushed by pistons (Found by Aftermoth)
- If explosion occurs on unbreakable block, it no longer gets destroyed
- Fixed special jump text being undefined on special days
- Replaced "radius" with "size" in explode command
- Corrected typo "Dimentions" -> "Dimensions"
- Corrected another typo "made" -> "make"
- Solved a TON of lag issues and a BUNCH of memory leaks!
- The list of worlds is in the order you last played them
- Turns out there was an unused zombie death sound! Blahhhg!
- Unlimited enchanting in creative (Suggested by John Au)
- Topaz is now yellow-orange again
- Added back key bindings for moving/jumping/sneaking. Arrow keys will always work. You can also disable the spacebar
- Ice cream recipe now requires ice
    - Ice cream adds a bit of regeneration
- Soup, bowls, and ice cream are now stackable
- Saplings can be a fuel in the furnace
- Slimes can no longer take fall damage
- You can't punch mobs through blocks
- Pet dogs can no longer be punched or hit with swords
- Pet dogs no longer take cactus damage
- Sneaking while riding a pig will stop the pig
- Sneaking on a ladder or rope will stop movement
- Shift+Q drops an entire stack
- Backdrops are now darker than the foreground (instead of lighter)
- Made passive mobs less likely to despawn
- You don't need an Internet connection to test your own skins
- Better error messages when uploading skins
- Lightened the nether and ender a little bit
- Made item damage bars more Minecrafty
- Command history doesn't forget the command you started to type
- Add and split stacks in the furnace slots
- Fill command 'replace' flag is now 'oldBlockHandling': destroy/hollow/keep/outline/replace
- Increased size of fill command from 400 to 10000 blocks
- The world seed can be text now - it automatically converts to a number
- Changed skin links to /skin/####
- Skeleton aim varies
- Skeleton arrows disappear quicker
- Silk touch now works on giant mushrooms
- Bonemeal on grass can produce a sapling
- Coral can now be mined by hand, but doesn't drop anything
- Dead bushes drop sticks
- Cactus cake gives less regeneration
- Tweaked amount of hunger given by food items
- Double tapping keys (flying and sprinting) is less difficult
- Reduced amount of block types that lava can set on fire
- Lowered the volume of the wolf barking sounds (Suggested by pmaguire13)
- You'll respawn on the ground, if possible
- Items in the crafting table get used in creative mode
- Weighted and changed mob spawn rates
- Tweaked tool damage values
- Splash screen is now 300% more explosive
- Lowered vignette effect (Suggested by Prodevus)
- Added small light around player when underground
- Changed game resolution to 4:3 (552x414 instead of 550x400)
- No close-by thunder sound plays if you're above the cloud level
- Nethereyes drop nether brick instead of netherrack
- Renamed "Fiber" to "String"
- Renamed (and updated identifiers for) all "Cloth" blocks to "Wool"
- Re-arranged menu layout somewhat
Updated Graphics:
- Water, lava, acid
- Dirt
- Obsidian
- Netherrack
- Sign
- Odd Rock and Odd Rock Ore
- Topaz
- Fiber
- Dragon scale
- *Moss
- *Raw/Cooked chicken, chicken nugget
- *Golden apple seed/sapling
- *Clay
- *Paper
- *Lever
- *Rope
(* = Thanks to Prodevus!)

Play the latest version!

Well that's about it! I hope you have a lot of fun! :D
- Zanzlanz

Posted 8 years ago.
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