"Word Cloud!"

Hi commenters!

I was inspired by BrenTheMan's Newgrounds word cloud, and made a word cloud out of all the comments on these site posts. In total, the comments take up 475 kB of data, which makes up 91000 words total! I'm excluding simple words like "and" and "I", and eliminating symbols like <>.

Bigger words mean they were used more times.

Here is what the word cloud looks like:

Here's another - and another!

Looks like most of the comments are "Zanzlanz, add multiplayer to the next Mine Blocks update, please!" Hahaha!
...and why is Mineblocks and Zanlanz on there! LOL :0

In other news, I released Being Unique, which is just a new random track! Hope you enjoy!

Take care, commenters! <3
- Zanzlanz

Posted 9 years ago.
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