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"Ludum Dare 28!"
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Hey y'allz!

This weekend (Friday through Sunday) is the Ludum Dare competition! I'm super excited to participate again! :)
View the times and other information:

As always, the theme is announced when the competition starts, so I have no clue what I'll be making yet. But that's fine, because it makes it much more challenging!
Hopefully GhostID can join too! He already mentioned that he wanted to :D

I will be live streaming on, so follow my account to get notified when I go live! I'd love to see you guys there and chat with you! I'll have the stream running on my home page too. And lastly, I'll be trying to keep my Twitter updated as the event happens.

My past Ludum Dare games!

- Zanzlanz (spinning smiley face)

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r4535345435q (Guest)  
5 years ago  
How do you program games n 34 hours? THATS AWSOME!11
What's going on with your name over there, lol? Yeah it was really tough! But fun and exciting! :D
Zanzlanz, have you seen MY afro? (A parody ) -(lemon)
Lol that's nice :D
Thanks ( I hope he didn't copy right it ). -(lemon)
Lol he loved it. You could tell by how his waffles radiated with purple cacti. (smiley face)
lol Zanz waffles radiated purple (Tell him to leave out the toxic radioactive material in them) -(lemon)
SmashDasher (Guest)  
5 years ago  
Oh cool another post.Can't wait to play your new game Zanz.Good luck.
Thank you SmashDasher! :D
TheLemonKing (Guest)  
5 years ago  
:D Posting this as I watch your stream. Good luck to you.
Thanks Lemon! I didn't even check the comments today! XD Can't wait to play everyone's games :)
benedanika (Guest)  
5 years ago  
I have a idea for your LD game. (it's so cool) Add multiple levels, and as you go to other levels it keeps getting harder. Also I will show you a melon generator _ [_ (lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon) So I hope you will add my idea! You're awesome!
Hey, that's exactly what I did :D Great minds think alike! ;D (lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)(lemon)
And thanks you benedanika <3!
I might be there, who knows.
Well I really hope you can come! C:
I'll be there!
YAYYYYYYYYYYY! So happy you're finally here!!!!! (smiley face) (lemon) :D
So who am I going to meet during the stream? :D (lemon)
Hopefully me :). When is it?
Whoo cool! It's the same time as always, the link's in the post...
I would of done it but I could not I had to travel. -(lemon)
Aww well maybe next time! :)
Actually a good thing because I got sick and I would need all the time given. -(lemon)
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