Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Last weekend I livestreamed for Ludum Dare #27! The theme of the compo was "10 Seconds." It was a bit difficult coming up with a good game idea with the theme, but I think I did pretty good. Anyway, in those two days, I streamed for about 28 hours total (wow)! Thanks to everyone who came and watched and came by to chat! I will be making a timelapse of the stream, so that'll be cool to watch!

The game is named Convey. I fixed the bugs and touched up the game a little bit after the compo, and now you can play Convey here!
The goal of the game is to get all of the achievements by talking with 10 people. Depending on how you talk with them, you'll change their moods. I hope you have fun!

On a side-note, I now own MineBlocks.com, thanks to Cédric! Mine-Blocks.com now redirects to that site. So, yay! I hope to work on that some time, but I promise it wont be done soon. LOTS of stuff to do. Seriously, I'm extremely busy :(

Also, I updated some links on the site. Here are all of the ways to play a game: (The first one will probably be the standard one, but the rest are okay too)

I can't think of anything else important to say. Thanks so much for reading!

Posted 8 years ago.
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