"April Update!"
Looks like I severely need to write a new post on here, don't I?

So let me think... what happened recently?

  • Started a new game
  • Bought a new website
  • Passed 1,000 subscribers
  • Release a new track
  • Updated Mine Blocks 2
  • FLIPTRIS on Newgrounds
  • Mine Blocks 1.25

Started a New Game
I actually haven't worked a whole lot on this game, since it's such a simple concept. I've been focusing much more on Mine Blocks right now, so I will probably get back to this untitled game later. Here's an animated gif and a screenshot for you to stare at for about a minute and a half:

Bought a New Website
I bought Zanz.net as a quick link-shortener for my content. Use it as an easy way to find my pages and profiles without having to look far. I hope it eventually comes in handy for some of you guys. I already find it kind of useful, because I only have to type zanz.net/mb to go to Mine Blocks!

Passed 1,000 Subscribers
This, I find AMAZING! I currently have 1,187 subscribers, which is a lot more people than I could imagine. What a milestone! Thank you for your support everyone!

Unfortunately I never made a video for the occasion. Honestly I thought about it but couldn't think of anything to make a video about. I still can't think of anything! Oh well, I will be making some videos soon; one for the Mine Blocks update, and one as a video tour of the programming behind Mine Blocks (just set it in stone!). I think this will be an awesome chance to show you guys what happens behind the scenes when I design Mine Blocks. I'm pretty excited, and I hope you are too!

Released a New Track

This one is called Mycophile, which stands for... well that you like mushrooms. I named it that because it was sort of inspired by one of my favorite artists, Infected Mushroom. Anyway, it was my first try in this weird genre, but for the most part it was experimental. Anyway, hope you enjoy! Follow my SoundCloud profile for more of my upcoming tunes.

Updated Mine Blocks 2
So as many of you fellows know, Mine Blocks 2 is one of my current projects. I have been working quite hard on getting multiplayer to be a good, working feature of the game. While I can't release any multiplayer tests until the game is, say, half-way done (see the home page for that information), I do report that multiplayer is working. There are a few major issues that I need to fix, but if I figure this out, this will be an amazing improvement for Mine Blocks 2.
Anyway, I recently pulled an April Fools' Day joke on some of you (in version 0.6). Read the article in the following link to get the scoop; I don't really want to retype everything here :)
Mine Blocks 0.6 Update

FLIPTRIS on Newgrounds
Nothing much to say here. I uploaded FLIPTRIS to Newgrounds, it made front page, got 3.44/5 stars and a few nice reviews! There were some great recommendations, so I also updated the game a little. Now, in FLIPTRIS, you can hold the left/right keys to move the piece. Also, you may slide the piece around before it locks into place. Lastly, I fixed a sound bug. You can play FLIPTRIS on Newgrounds to get medals and beat everyone on the scoreboards. If you don't need medals or care about the scoreboard, you can always play it here, on my site.

Mine Blocks 1.25
Okay this post is ridiculously long, but that's what I get for waiting over 2 months to update my site!! Anyway, the last thing that I want to talk about is Mine Blocks! The update is way past due, but you'll have to hang on there! Since Christmas, there's been a lot of big changes to the core code in the game. For instance, redstone was completely rewritten. The reason I did such a crazy thing is so it is more like the redstone in Minecraft. Plus, there were issues in the old redstone that wouldn't let you make cool things. So I tried fixing it as best I could. Also, half slabs and stairs are going to be added. This is so cool because your houses are going to look more awesome than they ever had before. The reason I couldn't add these before is because my old code would only let you interact with full blocks... not half. Another thing I announced for Mine Blocks 1.25 is spawn eggs! Spawn eggs are a more elegant way to spawn animals in creative mode than pressing buttons.
Just as a heads up, there is one other really big addition to Mine Blocks that I'm keeping a surprise. I'll tell you all in the change log after I release it! :D

Wow that was a lot of writing. Well thanks for reading as usual! Let's hope I don't wait too long for the next post, haha!

Posted 11 years ago.
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