"Update on... Everything!"
So here's a quick update on everything that's going on. First of all, Mine Blocks has updated to 1.22.4! I fixed lots and lots of bugs, added wolves and dogs! Careful though, dogs can lose their health quickly if you're not paying attention. Also, I added a nifty dust effect if you jump or sprint in the sand. Lastly, that pesky inventory glitch should be fixed now. If you do, however, find a glitch in the inventory, please describe it in detail to me so I can investigate.

Also in the news is Lab Lights! This is my newest game for a mini Ludum Dare entry. Ludum Dare is a cool competition indie developers have at LudumDare.com. This is my first puzzle game, so I was scared to do level design. Fortunately though, it turned out great! It's one of the hardest puzzles games I've seen. The game takes place in a scientists lab, and you are the scientist. During a thunderstorm, your lab loses power! You have to go through 23 rooms of your lab and solve puzzles with batteries, crates of different types, TNT, magnets, and wire. If you think you're clever enough, why not give it a shot?

Also, you may have noticed Mine Blocks 2 hasn't been updated in a while. This is because the entire game is being re-written. So far it's looking a lot better! When I add more things, I'll update it on the website. So far I have a world generator, physics, and water physics works a lot better.

Lastly, I am pleased to say that you guys will get 5,000 views on the page sometime today or tomorrow, so as I promised, I will be working on adding Endermen and The Ender to Mine Blocks. Please be patient though, because this update will have A LOT of new things, so it will take a very long time to make.

Well I could probably write so much more, but I might as well keep this short and sweet .

Posted 9 years ago.
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