"Human Apocalypse!"
Hi everyone! I have a new game called Human Apocalypse. I made it in 2 days for the MiniLD #35.

It's genre is a run 'n' gun arcade game. You're a zombie in a human apocalypse and you have to try and flee from the humans and avoid getting caught!

It's an infinite world with the following features:
- There's bricks that you can break by shooting at them. The humans can break through blocks also!
- There's TNT which you can blow up (But be careful if you’re too close!).
- There's water which slows you down.
- There's health power-ups that restore 1/10 of your health.
- There's a secret block that I added last minute. It's Notch's Minecraft head! :D

It's made in Flash (My first finished game using bitmapData!!). I also added a shadow to bricks and TNT to make it have depth which is nice.

Now that I've actually had a good chance to play it, I've found that having a strategy is the best way to survive. My strategy is to go back and forth in an area right from the start, breaking all of the blocks and shooting anything that's in my way. Once the humans come and start breaking the blocks, I'll have more room to move around! Using your enemies to work for you! How cool!? Also, using that method, it's easier to find hearts.

All in all, I'm very proud of it and I think it's a pretty fun game to play.

But that's not for me to decide! It's for YOU to decide! Play it here and have fun, please:
- Play Human Apocalypse -

Posted 7 years ago.
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