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"Snowman Slide - Ludum Dare 31!"
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I ended up deciding last minute to join Ludum Dare! I joined the Jam because I didn't have a lot of time. But either way, I made a game demo!

The game is Snowman Slide, a randomly generated top-down sliding puzzle game. Here's its Ludum Dare submission page.

Check it out!

Why isn't this on your home page? Will you be making this a full game?
Yeah, since it's not finished, I'm not putting it up on on my home page, or games page just yet. I totally want to finish this game, and put it up on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android (and here on the site too, of course).

How does the world generator work?
Basically it generates a random level with a random spawn point. It then uses a pathfinding algorithm I made specifically for the puzzle, to find each path possible in the level. Then it compares the points to see which point is the hardest to get to (highest move count). That's the end point! If the moves to get to the end is less than a certain number, it restarts the generator.
The coins are placed in a spot where they're always collectable - at least 99.9% of the time.
The generator runs in the background as you play, until all of the levels are already generated. That's why you never have to sit through a "generating... please wait" screen!

Did you live stream?
Yeah! A little bit. I didn't have a lot of time :(. Plus, right near the end, my live stream program stopped streaming! Awwh! :O
If you want to know when I am live streaming, and want to go watch, follow me on Twitch (and!).

Mine Blocks?
Yep, that's a game. Still working on the port, don't worry!

Is there Herobrine?

Lol, thanks for reading!
- Zanzlanz

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PRF (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Ermahgerd! 80%!!!!
hamzarex (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Zanz its been way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and the mine blocks updatae isnt even 80 % yet {i think } soo plz work on it faster dude i thought it would ne done on cchristmas :(
Never said the recoding was going to be done this year x) Thanks for your patience :)
Superash (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Mineblocks M (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Hey zanzlanz just wanted to say Merry Christmas because you know you inspired me to study code. By the way I am using another computer again :)
Haha hey! Have a merry Christmas!!! I wish you good luck learning to program <3
Superash (Guest)  
4 years ago  
SupremeSanta (Guest)  
4 years ago  
(Limón) (Limón) (Limón) merry Christmas zanzlanz (Limón) (Limón) (Limón) :D
Daniel (Guest)  
4 years ago  
merry Christmas zanz! :D yay yay yay!
imthesameguy (Guest)  
4 years ago  
Merry christmas Zanzlanz, but im here to give out your secret..... There are 8 Letters in Zanzlanz, with 2 A's in them. 8-2= 6. 6 Sides are equal to that of two pyramids. However, an A is in a shape of a pyramid, and there are two in your name. That means if we take one pyramid and use its 3 sides to subtract by the 2 A's in your name, we get 3-2=1. There is one eye on pyramid. Illuminati confirmed. So Zanzlanz, ready to confess the truth? ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
Truthfully that was ridiculous! Here have a lemon (lemon) :D
Superash (Guest)  
4 years ago  
hey zanz are you planning to do somthing to mineblocks on christmas :)
Superash (Guest)  
4 years ago  
You better watch out,You better not cry,Better not pout,I'm telling you why, Zanta Claus is coming to town
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