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Hi, I have no idea what I am right now, but I want to make fun games for everyone to play together. As well as create animations, music, art.....I hope you guys can help me. I'll appreciate all I can get!

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ItsDanidre was last seen about 4 weeks ago!
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:O SO many thingssss! That website redesign is looking slick! And open registrations! Niiice! :D
:Potato: emoji
Stay safe buddy.
One day Notch will join!
Congratulations! Progress is progress either way, and with Flash support ending and all, I cna't wait for the engine to finally bear fruit! I'm curious about the new website changes, where's the about page? I'M GLAD YOU'RE KEEPING PHIL! Amazing man!

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Danidre14 has now evolved into ItsDanidre! *Makes epic woosh sound*! (lemon)
Thoughts on new introduction. No longer "Hey guys, what is up I'm Danidre14 and today I'll be showing you how to...." This time it's "Hey guys, ItsDanidre here, and today I'll be showing you how to...." (Potato) (lemon)
Haha I think that's clever!
Omg hey Danidre! Nice to see you around again! :D
It's nice being around again. Thanks for keeping my account! (Potato) Have a lemon (lemon)
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