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mosssy $30.00

Total for 2019: $30.00
The total for 2018 was $45.00!
The total for 2017 was $0.02!
The total for 2016 was $0.50!
The total for 2015 was $111.00!
The total for 2014 was $35.60!
The total for 2013 was $0.00!
The total for 2012 was $65.00!

All donations help me create cool new content! Your donation will:
    - Upgrade my hardware and software
    - Help with website expenses ($600+ yearly)
    - Help me become an full-time independent game & music producer
    - Keep me happy and healthy
    - Encourage me! <3

You don't even need a PayPal account to donate! Click the button below to donate however much you like. Thank you very much in advance! :)

If you want your name displayed on this page, you'll need to include your name (and if you want, your appropriate website) in the message with the donation. Also, you get one lemon next to your name for every $20 you donate! Lemons are awesome! :D

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