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A lot of time has passed since I last used this account, heh. These days I go by Orb!

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TehPencilmaster was last seen about 1 week ago!
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This rocks dude :)
It's your FAULT I'm commenting here! (hehe, I'm so funny... anyone?)
I think I did it accidentally o_O
And name it Mine Blocks 16.
My grandmother passed away recently... and now Robin Williams. He was a great inspiration :(

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Hey Orbital!! Let me know if you want me to change your username :D Awesome to see that you were around on the site btw! (lemon)
Hai. Please teach me your penciling skills.
Nu. Pencilmaster teach ME your penciling skills.
Settle down, we can sort something out!
Why don't you just teach them both? ovo
McMan, I'll give you a waffle if you let Pencil teach me and not yeww ;D!
MinecraftMan no his waffles are made of cheap frozen peach-potatoes! I can give you pure authentic giant waffles hand-plucked from the waffledragon's secret waffletree farm in Waffle kingdom!
What are you talking about? Potatoes are awesome in every form:P
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