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FAWM 2015 Ended!

Hey hey!

So last February I participated in February Album Writing Month again! Well I completed the task; I created 14 tracks in 28 days (again)! :D You can listen to what I made, below.

For the next 2 months, I will be revising the album to get it ready for release on May 15th!

So anyway, I thought it'd be cool to do a poll on which track you like the most! Just use the poll widget below to select your favorite. If you don't listen to all the tracks, just select your favorite out of the ones you listened to. :)

Do you have any other comments or suggestions for the album? :3
- Zanz

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Mid-February Post

Hi, how are you?!

I'm pretty happy that I've been keeping up with posting here more often. In fact, think I'm due to write another post today! Here we go:

February Album Writing Month is going well! I made 8 tracks so far; I'm over half-way done!! Keeping up with 14 tracks in 28 days is more difficult than I imagined because I'm often tired from school work and it leaves me uninspired. But as I said, things are going well, so it should be fiiine! :D
Read more about this!

Mine Blocks
Well I totally said I was going to have time to work on the Mine Blocks update. Well that's not entirely true. I've spent maybe an hour on the update this month so far! >_<! I have to say though, it's coming along nicely! I'll definitely have way more time for it after FAWM is over, haha.

Mine Blocks Wiki
If you have an account on the wiki, make sure you know about this. :)
There are over 16000 spam accounts on the Mine Blocks Wiki, and I really want to get rid of them. All I need you to do is check if your username is on this list. If it's not, please log in, and post to my talk page about it. That's it!
Again, if you never made an account there, don't worry!

New Game!
I'm making a Towlr-type puzzle game! It's a really really simple game. The catch is that it will not have instructions, so you have to figure out how it works first, in order to beat it!
This game might come out this month. I think it will be pretty interesting to see how you guys will think of it.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!
- Zanz

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FAWM 2015 Announcement!

Hey there, friend!

I'm participating in February Album Writing Month (FAWM) this year. :)
FAWM is an event where thousands of musicians (mainly song-writers) make at least 14 songs in the month of February. It starts on February 1, and ends on February 28!

Last year I participated in FAWM, and made the album The Place That Takes Shapes! Hopefully this year I'll be able to make an even better album!

So, what would you like me to make in the album? Do you have a suggestion for a genre? Theme? Mood? Tempo? Limitation? Feel free to give your suggestions in the comments of this post! :D Keep in mind that I basically have 2 days to make each track - that's not the easiest feat!

Follow me on SoundCloud to see all of the new tracks as I release them! Please give constructive feedback on the music so I know how to improve as I make each new track!

My friends Gap, Beta, and McFunkypants will also be participating. Wish them luck too!....(That's not all! Click the link below to view the rest of the post!)

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Goodbye 2014!

2014 appeared and disappeared so fast, but it's again time for the traditional yearly recap! Here's the 2013 and 2012 posts.

I graduated high school, started college, got my driver's license, and turned 18 years old.
In total, I released 19 tracks, and 2 games in 2014!

Okayz, so here's the 2014 recap. Click on anything you're interested in!

....(That's not all! Click the link below to view the rest of the post!)

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Snowman Slide!


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmastime with your family and friends!
I have good news! I just released a game!

Play Snowman Slide!

Snowman Slide is a randomly generated puzzle game about a snowman who wants to be a unicorn (yes... lol... a unicorn!). I made it originally during Ludum Dare, and decided to polish it up to release as my second game this year! :D

Anyway, I wont bore you on the details! If you have any questions or opinions on the game, please comment below!
- Zanzlanz

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