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New Site Design!

Herro awesome friends!

Did you notice something different? ;) The entire website was switched over to a new design! In short, it includes more stylish buttons, more of a square look, and a completely redesigned home page.

Here's a before & after of the home page:

Picture of website before and after

I'm honestly really happy with the results! Please let me know if there's anything that you think I should change - it's always great to hear your opinions. lemon

Stay beautiful! *snaps* lolwut?

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Dynamole Results & Mine Blocks 1.26.4!

Oh hey!

The Ludum Dare #29 results have been posted!
Out of about 1500 games, my submission, Dynamole, made 48th 50th place overall! It also made 16th place in 'fun'. :D

See below for a timelapse of the first couple days I developed it. Unfortunately, the stream glitched out on the last day so I lost the footage for it.

Play Dynamole

View Ludum Dare result page for Dynamole

Also I must mention that Mine Blocks 1.26.4 will be coming out soon!! It's one of those smaller releases, with lots of bug fixes and a couple small additions. As of right now the update is in the testing phase. You should expect it to release within the next week!

On that note... you guys keep asking for multiplayer, mods, and texture packs. Noooo xD! None of these will be in Mine Blocks. Multiplayer and texture packs are going to be added to Mine Blocks 2 though (texture packs are already in Mine Blocks 2) :D Please remember that on April Fools, I'm a bit crazy, lol!

Anyway, see ya!

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Ludum Dare #29 was pretty awesome! In 48 hours, I made Dynamole, a fast-paced platform/running game about a mole escaping an exploding mine! Holy moley ;)!

Soon I'll make a timelapse of the livestream! By the way, thanks to all of you who stopped in to say hi on the stream; it's always really cool to see people in the chat.

So tell me what you think about Dynamole! If you think it's the hardest game ever, don't give up on beating it! You can do it!!

Play Dynamole!

Beep boop!
- Zanzlanz

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Mine Blocks April Fools!

Hi, friends!

This year my April Fools joke was pretending to release Mine Blocks 1.27!

I repeat, THIS IS A JOKE POST. There will never be multiplayer in Mine Blocks 1, sorry.

Here's what the post said:

The newest features are multiplayer, Herobrine (he shows up when you summon him), and over 75 new lemon-themed items (including the lemon dimension and lemon dragon boss fight)! I fixed a few more bugs too. To join a multiplayer server, just login to the new update, click 'Play!', and select 'Multiplayer'. Type in your friend's IP address, and BOOM! :D

Pewdiepie and Zanzlanz, playing

Hope you enjoy! I'll have an update video later this week!

Hahaha, April Fools, everyone! By the way, Pewdiepie does not have anything to do with this. ;)

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Mine Blocks 1.26!


It's here! Mine Blocks 1.26 has released! It now has skins, minecarts, slimes, lemons, tons of bug fixes, and more! Also, a huge lag issue was fixed! Enjoy!

Play Mine Blocks 1.26!

View all of the new features in the change log!

Hope you enjoy the update, everyone! 1.27 shall feature some even more awesome things!
- Love, Zanzlanz (spinning smiley face)

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