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Mine Blocks April Fools!

Hi, friends!

This year my April Fools joke was pretending to release Mine Blocks 1.27! Here's what the post said:

The newest features are multiplayer, Herobrine (he shows up when you summon him), and over 75 new lemon-themed items (including the lemon dimension and lemon dragon boss fight)! I fixed a few more bugs too. To join a multiplayer server, just login to the new update, click 'Play!', and select 'Multiplayer'. Type in your friend's IP address, and BOOM! :D

Play Mine Blocks 1.27!
Pewdiepie and Zanzlanz, playing

Hope you enjoy! I'll have an update video later this week!

Hahaha, April Fools, everyone! By the way, Pewdiepie does not have anything to do with this. ;)

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Mine Blocks 1.26!


It's here! Mine Blocks 1.26 has released! It now has skins, minecarts, slimes, lemons, tons of bug fixes, and more! Also, a huge lag issue was fixed! Enjoy!

Play Mine Blocks 1.26!

View all of the new features in the change log!

Hope you enjoy the update, everyone! 1.27 shall feature some even more awesome things!
- Love, Zanzlanz (spinning smiley face)

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The Place That Takes Shapes!

Hey everyone!

I just released my first ever album, The Place That Takes Shapes! I made 14 tracks during February for FAWM.

Here's the release video!

Listen or Buy:
SoundCloud Bandcamp
Listen on Spotify!
Check it out on iTunes!

Coming soon on Spotify!

Yours truly,

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Goodbye 2013!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

2013 was a slower year than usual, but as I realized while writing this posts, I still managed to do a lot! I wrote a post like this last year too, and I decided to make it a tradition. So here it is, a recap of everything I did this year. All links open in a new page, so check everything out!

Also, I did some color coding (because I'm crazy):

....(That's not all! Click the link below to view the rest of the post!)

- Read the rest of this post -

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After 48 long and exciting hours of programming, drawing, composing, and sleeping, I finished another near-polished Ludum Dare game named Str1ngle! It's an arcade game where you use a wrecking ball to collect powerups and avoid stars from chopping your string!

Play Str1ngle!

Ludum Dare submission page for Str1ngle

Str1ngle soundtrack

Thanks guys! Merry Christmas everyone!
Zantaclauz - I mean Zanzlanz (spinning smiley face)

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